Briar Patch



Max HP 22

Strength 16 (+2)

Dexterity 8 (-1)

Constitution 12 (+1)

Intelligence 9 (+0)

Wisdom 11 (+0)

Charisma 13 (+1)

Libido 15 (+2)

GEAR: Loincloth (+1 to defy danger with LIB, 0 weight), Bo-Staff (Reach, two-handed, 1 weight), Healing Potion

Flags: Anarchist: Help me undermine a legitimate authority. 

Background: Hermit: As long as you are touching the ground, you cannot be moved by attacks that also deal damage. Chi Fighter 
When you take a few moments to power up in battle, take 1d4 damage (ignores armor) and gain 1 Chi. Powering up is a process that takes up your concentration, and puts wear and strain on your body. You may have up to 3 Chi, and you lose your Chi once you're out of battle. When you deal damage or inflict lust, add your Chi to the amount dealt. 

Deft Steps 
While you wear no armor and carry no shield, you have +1 armor. Also, when you're in an enemy's reach but they're out of your reach, you don’t need to Defy Danger to get an attack on them. 

Through intense focus you can effectively strike out with multiple limbs at different targets within range, even taking one or two steps between opponents if necessary. When you attack two opponents simultaneously, roll Hack and Slash once with a -1 penalty, and apply the outcome to both targets. Roll damage twice and deal the higher result as damage to each target. 

When you concentrate your focus and energy into healing, roll+CON. On a hit, you are restored; heal 2d10 HP or reduce lust by 2d10. On a 7-9, your lack of awareness is taken advantage of or the strain injures you somehow, GM's choice. 

Living Weapon 
Fists, elbows, knees, feet, head… you’ve learned how to make every part of yourself into an effective weapon. 

How did I get this way? The school of hard knocks

What motivates me to keep doing such intense training? I'm like totally an evil martial artist.

When you Hack and Slash, what is the nature and name of your unarmed style? Choose one. 

I hammer through defenses. My style is Hell Avalanche Fist.

Sex Moves 

Pleasure Points  You have knowledge of pressure points throughout the humanoid body. When you deal damage striking these points, after the roll, you can choose one:  • Deal this damage  • Increase their lust by this amount  • Cause an ailment that lasts the rest of the battle, such as blindness, numbness, or priapism 

Limber Limbs  When you know your target's weakest point, your attacks have +2 piercing and you may treat it as a pressure point.